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Going Beyond Plastic: Our Journey Towards Sustainable Outdoor Products

Going Beyond Plastic: Our Journey Towards Sustainable Outdoor Products

Making Choices

When we started Fieldtrip we knew that we didn't want to put more rubbish out into the world. There are too many cheap and disposable outdoor products on the market already and we don't want to add to the problem.

That's why we started with premium materials like recycled stainless steel and waxed cotton that will last for multiple lifetimes, meaning our products can be passed on and used for generations to come.

However we're not perfect. We currently use a nylon cord for the drawstring in our bags, which is a plastic based cord that is not only difficult to recycle but is a common source of the microplastics found in so much of the environment around us.

Living on the coast we literally see the plastic problem every day down at the beach. From washed up bottle tops to abandoned camping chairs the challenge of waste plastic is impossible to avoid, and we're only seeing a fragment of the millions of tons of plastic that end up in our oceans.

The Struggles of Sustainability

Going green is not without its struggles. One of the main challenges we face is sourcing materials that are both durable and sustainable. The outdoor industry demands products that can withstand the elements, and that are also light and convenient to use. 

Costs are another hurdle. Sustainable materials often come with a higher price tag, which affects our bottom line and pricing strategies. But we see this as an investment in our planet's future. We're also tackling the learning curve. Crafting with new materials means rethinking design processes but also accepting limitations and learning to work within them.

The Next Steps

The first step for us is to remove the last elements of plastic from our Field Cup sets and packaging. So that means replacing the cord with a natural alternative (whilst ensuring it will still last for generations) and using recyclable paper based packing tape with our cardboard shipping tubes.

Currently we don't offer lids for our cup sets because these are typically made of plastic, but we are working with a cork manufacturer in Portugal to see what's possible and also understanding the compromises involved. Cork won't last as long as plastic, but it will biodegrade when it's reached the end of it's life.

As we design the next products in our range it's exciting to have these guidelines to work within, looking back on outdoor products from the pre-plastic era for inspiration and to push the limits on what's possible.

Our customers are adventurers and nature lovers; they understand the significance of this shift and through our journey we hope to lead by example, showing that the outdoor industry can thrive without relying on harmful plastics.

This mission is about protecting the places where our adventures unfold. Each step we take towards sustainability helps to preserve the natural beauty of our environment. It's not just about making sales—it's about making a difference.




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